B'nei Mitzvah Revolution - at Temple Sholom

This is the page to find out what is going on at Temple Sholom and our participation in the URJ's B'nei Mitzvah Revolution:

BMR@TS Timeline 

Completed Step Date
Present to TS Board and get support August, 2012
Apply for 1st Cohort August, 2012
Choose team August, 2012
1st team session September, 2012
2nd team session October, 2012
BMR Conference in Baltimore November 11-3, 2012
Intro to congregation - TT article, e-mail December, 2012
Intro to congregation - meeting December 16, 2012
  Gather input on values statements Dec. 2012-Jan.2013
 √  - Open meetings
December 18, 2012√
January 12, 2013√
January 14, 2013√
   - Survey May, 2013
 √ Complete BMR Timeline Template for Funders January 17, 2013
  Create list of values Jan. - May, 2013
  Present values to TS Board for ratification June, 2013
 √ Solicit 1st TS Cohort at 6th Family BM meeting January 29, 2013
 √ Create 1st Cohort learning sessions May, 2013
 √ 1st Cohort Learning Shabbaton June 8, 2013
  1st Cohort experiments Nov.2013-June 2015
    - 1st BMR Bar Mitzvah - Noah Sokolsky - JOIN US  March 22, 2014


Upcoming Events:

BMR Shabbaton, Take 2 - A make-up meeting for those who could not make the June meeting is scheduled for September 28th.  If you are interested in joining this cohort, then see information page and contact us BMR@sholomnj.org.

Cohort 1 second meeting is scheduled for October.

The first member of Cohort 1 to celebrate Bar Mitzvah will do so in November.



Here is Rabbi Abraham's Temple Topics column that introduced the B'nei Mitzvah Revolution.

Here is the site for the whole project - Temple Sholom is a member of the pilot cohort.

Here are the values that we have agreed upon, so far, for our draft statement of values.

Just for fun - a graphic way to look at the TS BMR: our wordles page.

Information about joining the first cohort (for current sixth grade and NOW fifth grade families) by joining us for the BMR Shabbaton on June 8, 2013.

Press Clippings:

New Jersey Jewish News article about the BMR

New Jersey Jewish News article about our participation

New York Times Front Page Article about BMR (we are cited on second page).


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