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Did You Know….?

 -You know you can order Scrip at the Scrip Table on Sundays at Religious School?

 -You know you can order Scrip during office hours at the Temple.

But did you know that you can also order Scrip any time online?
At, you can browse and order hundreds of gift cards from your favorite
merchants and restaurants. To place an order, you’ll need to input Temple Sholom’s code:  9969E6A47186 – keep this handy! Afterwards, you simply drop off a check with Lainie, or at the Temple office, and we’ll call you when your order arrives. Facebook users can also visit the ShopWithScrip page ( to get information on the latest special offers and extra savings.Ordering Scrip online is an easy and convenient way for you to order Scrip anytime you need it. Happy shopping! If you have any questions about ordering online, please contact Lainie at or 908-322-3266.

To place an order using your credit card:
 If you have not participated in our scrip program because we were not able to accept credit cards, we have now contracted with a scrip company that accepts credit cards!  Do you have a big house project coming up?  Going out to dinner unexpectly during the week? USE SCRIP! 

To register with United Scrip, simply log in to www.ScripZone. Com and click “New User.”  Create your account by entering a Username and Password, your address and phone number.  Our organization ID is Sholom.  Once you register, you will be able to place orders!  Simply log in, click on “MyZone” and then “MyOrders” and “New Order.”  If you are paying by credit card, be sure to set that option on this screen.

Some other cool features of Scripzone:  You can choose to pay shipping and have the cards shipped directly to you!  No more waiting for me to approve the order and no more having to come to the Temple to pick up the cards.  United Scrip (Scripzone) is running a special over the summer (June – August) that will allow FREE SHIPPING for up to 8 cards! 

We will still be using as well, however, these orders will continue to only accept cash, check or automatic deduction from your bank account*. 

Both companies also have several cards that are available for download.  So,decided midweek that you  want to go to a movie at AMC the next day and don’t have any scrip?  Log in to scripzone, choose pay by credit card, choose scrip ecards, and usually by the next day you can download your AMC gift certificate and earn 5.5% in rebates to offset your DRIA or to support the temple’s fundraising efforts**.   It’s that easy. 

THE CATCH:  When paying by credit card, the rebate amount you receive will be less than if you pay by cash, check or automatic deductions from your bank account*.   If you normally pay by cash or check, I encourage you to continue doing so to maximize the rebates you receive.  And for grocery cards that we keep in stock, it will always be a higher rebate if you buy them directly from us.

*Direct deductions from a bank account will be charged a processing fee.  $0.15 for ShopwithScrip and $0.50 for Scripzone.



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