The Trimester Theme will weave through sermons, classes for adults, social action projects, maybe even fundraisers. Judaism is a living and growing religion. There is no better way to engage Judaism than through experience. There is no better way to model lifelong Jewish learning than by having every generation learn together. 

Rabbi Joel Abraham

 Watch the slide show below to learn more about our new Congregation Wide Trimester model, our new Sunday morning curriculum and our new Family Track learning option.


Join us to learn about our Trimester topic in (click to learn more)

Eitz Chayim - Lifelong Jewish Living program

Sunday Morning education program (grades K-7)

Family Track program (families with children in grades K-7)

Jewish U (8th-12th grade) Torah Core classes

Shabbat Worship Services

Congregational Education Days

Congregation-Wide Tzedakah projects

various other activities around our congregation






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